GBBO Translation: Mary Berry's Fraisier Cake

I've lost track of how many times I've rewritten this introduction paragraph because I just haven't gotten my ducks in a row and published it. I baked this back in March for my husband's birthday, and it was a hit. And now that it's summer, strawberries are in season and this cool refreshing dessert is a beautiful, refreshing, and delicious treat for you to try for yourself. The Fraisier cake was a technical challenge featured in the same season of Great British Bake Off/Baking Show as the doughnuts that I made previously. It appeared on week 9, patisserie, of series 3, available on PBS as season 5 and on Netflix as Great British Baking Show: The beginnings. This recipe is also featured in a Masterclass episode, also available on Netflix. Because the cake is from week 9, or the semifinal , it is probably going to be quite a bit more difficult than the bakes I've done so far. It also features crème pâtissière, which I have never made before. We might end

GBBO Translation: Jam Doughnuts

Good morning (afternoon/evening/dusk), my lovelies! We've almost made it though winter! Spring is almost here! The days are getting longer, early flowers are popping up! Let's celebrate, shall we? Let's celebrate with doughnuts! You don't have to say it; I already know that was a pretty weak introduction. If you'd be so gracious, I'll give you my best excuse: Words are hard. Normally, if I may say so myself, I'm a pretty decent writer. Many who make this claim will also claim, as I am doing, that talking is much more difficult than writing. This presents itself differently for different people, but my sudden failing of words is more than just not finding the right  words. Most of the time, if I don't have something to say, I just don't talk. Fellow introverts can attest that this often unfairly paints one with a brush of coldness. Just because I don't want to make small talk with you doesn't mean I don't like you. (In fairness,

GBBO Translation: Mary Berry's Tiramisu Cake

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear readers! I love you all very much and hope you have a beautiful day, whether you're celebrating or not. As promised last time, I'm going to be making Mary Berry's Tiramisu Cake, featured in Dessert week of Series 5, which aired in the United States as Season 1 on PBS or can be found on Netflix US as Collection 1. It was a lovely episode that made me want to eat all the things (okay, all  the episodes of Great British Baking Show make me want to eat all the things, but you get my drift). The tiramisu cake was also featured in the Masterclass season that went with this, available on Netflix as Great British Baking Show Masterclass: Season 1, Epsiode 2, where you can see Mary Berry make it herself. I know it seems like we just did a cake recipe, since the Victoria Sandwich was only about a month ago, but tiramisu is such a beautiful, romantic dessert that I thought it would be nice to go around Valentine's Day. And since Valentine&#